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Get ready for a new way of monitoring weather.


place your weather station anywhere in the world , only needs is a GPRS network coverage and sun.


Real time weather report updated with minimum interval of one minute (selectable), and accessible from anywhere in the world via Internet.


Our weather stations are completely autonomous, power is collected from a small solar panel and then stored into batteries, providing almost 40 days of autonomy.


Our weather station comes ready to install , only requirements are a sim card with GPRS connection and batteries.


View your weather data using online charts, you will be able to view or download weather data since the station starts (past data are accessible only by the owner , regular users can see only five days of past data).

Data output

Our weather station is capable of reporting airspeed , direction and temperature using ultrasound technology.


some photos shwing the station in the field.


Station installed here since June 2018


Paragliding at Curium


Curium Paragliders arrived on time

House roof

Showing the station on a house roof


showing the station page on an android


some picture of the anemometer

Curium beach

Kourion beach-Episkoph-Cyprus


Moel Accre -Ruthin -North Wales


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Select below what to buy on your needs

Controller box

Controller box


The controller box is responsible for data collection - transmition and battery charging.


Ultrasonic anemometer


This is an ultrasonic wind sensor, with no moving parts it is inherently more stable - reliable, and matenance free ,for more info please check manuals.

humitity - pressure - temperature


this sensors conbined can give you additional weather info sach as heat index - dew point - cloude base, the sensors are enclosed in a solar radiation shield.

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